lucid dreams

mostly on film, sometimes on digital.

It was during my first year in the Faculty of Letters, in 2012, that one day, at the flea market in Lisbon, I bought my first analog camera, Praktica, and my first Kodak tri-x 400 — one of my favourite films until today. Now looking back I know it was the day I found my neverending passion. Praktica broke in the cold winter of Vienna and later I bought a Spotmatic ii. Few years ago I managed to buy my dream camera, Nikon F3, which is the one I use most of the time. Lately I’ve started to shoot some digital, but it’s the film photography that holds a place in my heart. The beauty of it keeps unfolding in front of me. Even though there’s this joy of having something new to learn about it all the time, my favourite thing is still the magical, imperfect and mysterious part of it that never changes — the one I can’t explain.

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